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Abusive hubby jailed


A 34-year-old man from Ridgemont, Gweru, will rue the day he started beating his wife after he was jailed for an effective 20 months for the abuse.

Stephen Chadenga

Binoculars Mudzingwa of House number 23, Ruweri Plots, Ridgemont, beat his wife, Rejoice Abigail Mavengano repeatedly for three days after she asked him why he locked the door to their house early.

Gweru magistrate Getrude Mayenyoso sentenced Mudzingwa to six months each for the three domestic violence charges.

A two-month sentence suspended from a previous conviction on a similar charge was added to the 18 months.

The State’s case was that on November 20 at around 6pm the complainant arrived home and found the door locked.

When she knocked asking why he had locked the door early, Mudzingwa became furious and assaulted her with fists and open hands.

He went on to lock her outside the house the whole night.

The following morning Mavengano reported the matter to the police.

When she returned home at around 9pm, Mudzingwa again attacked her with fists and open hands after he had learnt of the report to the police.

On the third day Mavengano woke up to prepare breakfast.

Mudzingwa entered the kitchen and told his wife that she was not supposed to eat anything because she had bad manners before assaulting her again.

Mavengano made a second report to the police, leading to Mudzingwa’s arrest.

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