‘Fake’ Chihuri driver nabbed


A HARARE man who claimed that the car he was driving belonged to Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri when he was stopped at a roadblock in Mbembesi recently, was arrested for impersonation when it was discovered that he was lying.


The cops charged the suspect with impersonating a police, peace or public officer and with fraud.

According to court papers gleaned by Southern Eye yesterday, Edward Baira (41), who is employed by Pure Gold Housing Trust situated at the Railway Building in Harare, is set to appear before the Mbembesi Circuit Court on January 8 for plea recording following his arrest.

This was after Bulawayo magistrate Gladmore Mushove recently stood down the case advising that Baira be placed on remand on the impersonation charge.

She said Baira was wrongly charged for fraud and the State should properly charge him.

Allegations against Baira are that on November 16 at around 10:30am he was driving a Mercedes-Benz registration number ACN 1495 towards Gweru from Bulawayo when he was stopped by police based at a roadblock mounted by officers from Mbembesi Police Station at the 121km peg along the Gweru-Bulawayo Highway.

The car belonged to Pure Gold Housing Trust, the company he works for.

It is alleged that when he was stopped, he immediately lied that the vehicle he was driving belonged to Chihuri prompting the cops to let him go without further questions.

They later discovered that the vehicle did not in fact, belong to Chihuri, but to Pure Gold Housing Trust and they facilitated his arrest.