Mnkandla backs Jabulani Sibanda

“Most of the policies in Zanu PF are good, but they have been betrayed and made to serve the few and these are the core issues why they are purging me.” Jabulani Sibanda

ZIMBABWE Liberators Peace Initiative leader Max Mnkandla has said former war veterans’ leader Andrew Ndlovu is not fit to head the Zimbabwe National liberation War Veterans’ Association because of his role in the organisation’s violent past.


Mnkandla served as a section commander under Zipra during the country’s protracted war against colonial rule.

He told Southern Eye that Ndlovu should not even dream of challenging incumbent war veterans boss Jabulani Sibanda saying the previous executive he served in tainted the reputation of the association, which it is still trying to shrug off more than a decade later.

Ndlovu, who served as secretary for projects during the war veterans’ most militant era under Hunzvi, recently said he had been approached by a number of former Zanla and Zipra combatants to take over from Sibanda accusing him of politicising the organisation.

“Ndlovu cannot define us as an association because he is known for all the bad things,” Mnkandla said.

“The country is under sanctions because of the violence Ndlovu and the late Chenjerai Hunzvi perpetrated using some war veterans and as freedom fighters, we will not allow anyone with wrong motives to lead the association when he failed during his time.”

He said Sibanda should be credited with bringing peace to the association following his appointment after years of infighting which had torn the organisation apart.

“Freedom fighters know Sibanda’s capabilities from the time he was appointed because he brought peace and harmony among freedom fighters. Over the years, no one in the country has complained of violence perpetrated by war vets like it was in the past when Ndlovu and Hunzwi were at the helm,” he said.

Mnkandla also refuted Ndlovu’s claims that he had been approached by some disgruntled members of the association to stand for the chairmanship citing lack of assistance by Sibanda’s current executive.

“It can be true that there are some disgruntled members of the association, but as far as I am concerned, Sibanda has done well because he has managed to engage the government about school fee issues for our members that are struggling to raise their children because of injuries they suffered during the liberation war,” he added.