Women should never sway on principle


YOU MAY meet him coming down the street. Be careful, if you stop and pat him, he will almost jump out of his skin to show you how much he likes you.

Everything he does, every gesture, every intonation of his voice, every lifting of an eyebrow could have been carefully rehearsed in advance and his actions timed to split seconds.

You know that behind this show of affection on his part, he is not interested in assisting you, neither does he want to marry you.
Such is the predicament besetting most young women nowadays. It is disturbing how these women make flip coin decisions about their lives.

They are indulging in sex at a tender age and are engaging in unscrupulous activities out of negligence and ignorance.

They do this without considering that engaging in sex for favours could hamper their chances of succeeding.

Such ignorance can be equated to a cracked rear view mirror which inhibits them from seeing the bigger picture of things around them.

Most of the times, young women have short-term pleasures that they pursue without considering the consequencies.

One has to take their time to plan their future, making sure that they do not make rushed decisions that will have a negative bearing on their welfare.

Today’s pleasures may bring tomorrow’s sorrows.

Gone are the days when women would complain that they were not receiving enough support in the business world as much as their male counterparts.

I believe such arguments have been used to cover up for their shortcomings.

To become a successful woman and to carry that success all your life, you need to refine and better yourself in all facets of life.

I, therefore, urge young women to set unshakable principles and never to sway. Greatness can be achieved at an early stage in an individual’s life.

It is disappointing to find out later in life that you have not accomplished what you ought to have because of having compromised on principles.

Be careful of the kind of people you allow into your life

Young women ought to be careful of the people they allow into their lives. Ask yourself before entering into any relationship if the person you are engaging with is worth your time and effort.

Sexual rush, a recipe for disaster

Engaging in sex at a tender age, which I would call the sexual rush, is one recipe for disaster that I think most young women should avoid.

I am alarmed at the way young women are offering themselves to elderly people and charging for sexual favours.

Some women seem not to get fulfilment from such activities. Some engage in these sexual activities as a result of peer pressure with the hope of gaining popularity among their peers.

Instead of engaging in sexual activities, think outside the box and turn yourself into a radical woman who can stand for what they believe in.

Think new thoughts, acquire new visions and discover new ambitions. Become a master in your field of interest.

Don’t give yourself away except to your life’s love

I know that this may sound old fashioned, but take it as worthwhile advice.

If you want to fulfil dreams and know your true love, do not end up in complicated situations that may cost you your life’s best dreams, including your commitment to your true life’s love.

Today, dating seems like a casual activity, but it certainly is not.

Ladies, if a man loves you enough he will want to spend his entire life with you and he wouldn’t mind waiting for sex until marriage.

If he is willing to wait for you, that’s a sign bold enough to show you that he loves you. He will have to love you as you are, rather than just adoring your body.

There is every reason to sign up for a long-term, totally committed relationship.

Never sell yourself for any amount or anything!

Self respect is the most important thing a woman should possess. Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone else steer you away from the right path to success.

It is my hope that the elderly stop devilishly eyeing young women and allow them to realise their dreams with no one disturbing or hindering them from doing so.

Instead of robbing young people of their sexual innocence, the elderly should be at the forefront of mentoring them.