Chihuri gets heads up


POLICE Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has been commended for a banning his officers from operating public transport, but has also been urged to be tough on rampant corruption within the force.


Habakkuk Trust chief executive officer Dumisani Nkomo said as much as he commended Chihuri’s efforts to address the conflict of interest police find themselves in by operating public transport and enforcing traffic regulations, he needed to cast the net “wider and higher”.

“I think he needs to cast the net wider and higher because corruption in the police is rampant. The net should not end with junior officers operating kombis, but must also spread to senior police officers living extravagant lives,” he said.

“It is commendable, but if he wants to address the issue of corruption, he should broaden his scope.”

Bulawayo Progressive Residents’, Association co-ordinator Rodrick Fayayo echoed Nkomo’s sentiments saying targeting junior officers would not help in any way.

“I think the problem is that we have corruption in high positions in government and the police. Targeting junior officers will not help us,” Fayayo said.

“I think there is need to do a lifestyle audit on all officers to justify the things they have against their salaries. The juniors should be asked where they get the money to buy those kombis.

“The audit should, however, not be limited to juniors as there are senior officers who own a number of properties and even the kombis that you are talking about.”

Chihuri reportedly issued a directive for all law enforcement agents operating public service transport to cease their operations.

The order, according to police sources, applies to both registered commuter operators and those pirating as this compromised the force in discharging its duties.