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I will resurrect the dead: Prophet Chiza


BULAWAYO-based prophet Blessing Chiza has dared his Faith in God Eagle Life Assembly followers to bring their dead relatives to the church so that he can “resurrect” them.

Chiza made the bold declaration during a Sunday morning church service saying his level of faith was at the highest.

“I am on another level of faith, last week I told you that if your relatives pass on, you should bring them to this church so that they will be resurrected, but you thought I was not serious,” he said.

“I am telling you now that if your family member dies, you should bring them here and you will witness a miracle being performed.”

Chiza said at one point in his life he commanded a small radio he had to stop playing secular music.

“I only listen to godly music and nothing else. My roommates used to play their earthly music using my radio and I had problems with that,” he claimed.

“I then commanded the radio to stop playing their Bob Marley cassettes using my faith and it did so.”

Chiza said when his roommates came to play the secular music in his absence, the radio damaged their cassettes, but “when they put a Charles Charamba cassette it played well”.

He acknowledged that he tried to resurrect a number of people to no avail.

He said he was once chased away from Parirenyatwa Hospital mortuary by security personnel as he attempted to resurrect dead people at the institution’s morgue.

Chiza is facing a public backlash for incorrectly predicting that the Zimbabwe national football team would beat Libya and proceed to the final of the African Nations Championships.

He had predicted that Zimbabwe would beat Libya 3-0. Zimbabwe went on to lose 4-5 on penalties to Libya.

—Radio Dialogue

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