MP wants free govt laptops for Grade Ones


ZANU PF member of the National Assembly under the women’s quota for the Midlands Melody Dziva has called on the government to distribute laptops to Grade One pupils by the end of this year to enable them to be up to date with the digital age.



Speaking in the lower House on Tuesday, Dziva said primary education was a basic need in the country and technology should be upgraded at that level.

“I would like to appeal to government to provide laptops for Grade One pupils. Some might think it is too ambitious,” Dziva said.

“I say that we cannot afford to leave any of our children without tools to compete in this digital age.

“As such, l call upon the House to support this noble idea to ensure that laptops are provided by the end of 2014.”

She also called on the government to address accommodation challenges at the Midlands State University (MSU) and Mkoba Teachers’ College.

“In my constituency l have MSU and Mkoba Teachers’ College and Madam Speaker students are facing challenges regarding accommodation and school fees, especially the girl child who becomes vulnerable under such circumstances.”

“I therefore appeal to the Higher and Tertiary Education ministry to prioritise funding for tertiary education through grants and loans,” Dziva said.

Dziva also complained about a tendency by fellow MPs who refer to female legislators elected through proportional representation as “Baccosi MPs”.

Melody Dziva


Baccosi (Basic Commodities Supply Side Intervention) was introduced by the government in 2007 to enable vulnerable groups of society to access basic goods at subsidised prices at what were called the People’s Shops.

Baccosi was later bastardised to mean cheap or free things.

“I would like to educate this House that women were disadvantaged due to imbalances resulting from past practices, policies and gender discrimination, and as such, Zimbabweans saw it fit to make a constitutional demand of supporting women in decision making positions,” Dziva said.

“I urge women MPs to be vigilant, confident and brave as they have the same rights in parliament. Women, who are in this House, carry the aspirations of not only millions of woman out there, but those of Zimbabweans who are looking up to them to craft laws that will transform their lives.”