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Zanu PF spin doctor suffers backlash over ‘O’ Level results


ZANU PF deputy director of information and publicity Psychology Maziwisa yesterday attracted the ire of ordinary Zimbabweans on social media when he blamed former Education minister David Coltart for the poor Ordinary Level results.


Writing on his Facebook page, Maziwisa lambasted Coltart for the 2% improvement in the ‘O’ Level pass rate compared to 18% in in the previous year.

“We are all entitled to be disgusted by what is happening in our educational system, not least because it’s an affront to President (Robert) Mugabe’s efforts over the years to make Zimbabwe the leading country on the continent, possibly in the world, as far as education is concerned,” Maziwisa posted.

“And a 2% improvement from last year’s 18% ‘O’ Level pass rate just isn’t good enough.

“Yet it has to be remembered that the reason why our standards fell so miserably last year was because a clueless MDC minister, who was possibly out to send a political message, was in charge of the education ministry.

“It’s a fatal mistake that we simply cannot afford to see that repeated again,” he wrote.

However, Maziwisa’s post triggered responses with more than 80 people commenting on his wall within three hours of his post praising Coltart and all of them crediting the MDC secretary for legal affairs for rescuing the country’s education sector.

“If I remember well, the same MDC minister brought back the education that was on a free fall. He brought textbooks to schools both primary and secondary.

“He fought for many school children to go back to school. Sometimes it’s not about MDC or Zanu PF Psychology. It’s about our beloved Zimbabwe.

“Instead of giving solutions to the so called problem, I have seen that you seem to push a blame agenda. Let’s have solutions not blame,” posted Albert Zinhanga.

Sitha Sabelo Ngwenya ka Mavikinduku posted: “Wena Pyscho-ndini who doesn’t know that Coltart rescued the education sector from total collapse after donkey years of Zanu PF misrule?

“Had Coltart not taken over, we would not be talking about pass rates in 2014. Please spare us from your nonsense.”

Another Facebook user, Justice Zishiri charged: “No matter how much you hate the guy, Coltart remains by far the best Education minister in my personal opinion this country has ever had in all respects in a long time.

“He was principled, level headed, hardworking, diligent and above all committed to his work of seeing every child in school. His work is there for all to see and it was above politics.

“You are punching below the belt and should be ashamed of yourself.”

Coltart was not to be left out and thanked Zimbabweans for defending him against the abuse.

“Thank you for all the kind comments made here. I am deeply touched by your support.

“One thing that Maziwisa has not mentioned is that when I took office exactly five years ago today in February 13 2009, there were no results at all because Zimsec had not even marked the exams yet.”

Meanwhile, the 2013 “O” Level results released showed that only seven schools from the Matabeleland region were in the national top 100 performing schools.

The highest pass rate in the region was attained by John Tallach Secondary School in Ntabazinduna which was ranked fourth nationally with 96,15%.

St Columbas High School in Makokoba (33) with 80,84%, David Livingstone Secondary School in Ntabazinduna (64) with 67,31%, Usher Secondary School in Figtree (68) with 66,92%, Minda Secondary School in Matopo (70) with 64,95%, Mtshabezi Secondary School in Gwanda (79) with 61,11%, Thekwane High School in Plumtree (91) with 57,14% and Inyathi Secondary School in Inyathi (96) with 56,32%.

The top performing school was Monte Casino Secondary in Macheke which recorded a 100% passrate.

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