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Man kills mate over whiskey


A MAN allegedly killed his drinking mate during a maize field work at Capital Block village in Colleen Bawn using a knobkerrie after he reneged on a deal to provide a “sweet aid” powder that was meant to be mixed with water and then used to dilute some whiskey.


This was heard by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Lawrence Kamocha when Tawanda Nkomo (20) appeared before him yesterday charged with murder. The State, represented by Simbarashe Timothy Makoni, called a witness Alson Tshuma to testify against Nkomo.

In his testimony, Tshuma told the court that he was with the now deceased Nkosilomusa Mafu (49) with Nkomo, Fibion Ndlovu, Augustine Dube, Busani Ndlovu and Ernest Bhebhe at Bhebhe’s homestead to till his maize fields. Tshuma said while they were resting, Mafu, who was in charge of food, brought isitshwala/sadza for them to eat before giving them a calabash of home-brewed beer.

“While we were drinking, Ndlovu complained about them being given opaque beer when there was some ‘hot stuff’ meant for us,” he said.

Tshuma said Mafu brought a 750ml bottle of whiskey which they drank without diluting and abandoned the opaque beer. When they had downed the bottle, Tshuma said Mafu brought another bottle.

“When another bottle was brought, Ndlovu and Dube called for a dilution, but Mafu said we should go on drinking without dilution since we had already finished the other bottle without dilution.”

Tshuma said Nkomo then shouted at Mafu telling him to bring them dilution for the whiskey because they had worked for him. It was said Mafu refused insisting that he could not be sent by a small boy like Nkomo resulting in a misunderstanding between the two.

Tshuma said Nkomo then told Mafu that he could beat and kill him before leaving them still drinking. Nkomo returned about 15 minutes later armed with a knobkerrie and struck Mafu on his shoulders without saying a word.

He said Mafu tried to stand, but fell down and started screaming saying Nkomo had killed him.

“I will die and leave my children,” he cried.

Tshuma said Ndlovu, who had earlier left them, returned and took Mafu home in a wheel burrow. Mafu was taken to Gwanda Hospital the next day where he died from injuries sustained in the attack by Nkomo. The case continues.

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