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Stop making babies, man told


A MAKOKOBA man who failed to pay maintenance for a child with his former wife had a torrid time trying to explain to the court why he had defaulted.


Zivanai Chitima (41) pleaded guilty to contempt of court for defaulting on child maintenance when he appeared before Bulawayo senior magistrate Abednico Ndebele yesterday. It was the State’s case that on November 19, 2012 Chitima appeared at the Maintenance Court and was ordered to pay $55 per month to his ex-wife Ndanetsei Nyandoro of Thorngrove for his child’s upkeep. Chitima defaulted until the arrears accumulated to $375. Nyandoro reported the matter to the police, leading to Chitima’s arrest.

Ndebele ordered Chitima to clear the arrears by April 30 while simultaneously paying the $55 monthly maintenance. In trying to defend himself, Chitima said: “I have no money since I am not working.” But the magistrate would have none of it.

“Do not make children when you are not employed. If you are not employed why do you make children? You must not even talk to women and have sex with them to make children because you will say you have no money for their upkeep,” said Ndebele.

Chitima said he had informed his ex-wife about the difficulties he was facing raising the money.

“I had talked to the mother of the child and advised her that I have no money and I would be paying whenever I get it,” he said.
But Ndebele was not impressed with Chitima’s explanation saying: “We are not interested in your stories. If the court orders you to pay maintenance, you are supposed to obey that order.”

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