Disabled man seeks help


A MPOPOMA family is appealing to well-wishers for $2 900 to pay the Bulawayo City Council for a housing stand it was allocated in Luveve in October last year.


John Jemwa, who is visually impaired, visited the Southern Eye offices yesterday to make the appeal saying he feared his family would lose the stand as it had fallen behind in monthly payments.

“We are in need of $2 900 dollars to pay council but we are struggling to raise that amount as we are not formally employed,” said Jemwa.

“The stand was $4 000, but we only managed to raise $1 1 00 and we need to pay the balance before the stand is reallocated as per council regulations.”

His wife Vimbai has a muscular dystrophy disability and their eight-month old baby is also visually handicapped. Jemwa said they were currently staying rent free at a Good Samaritan’s house in Pumula.

Jemwa said his family made ends meet through vending, but what they were getting was a pittance compared to their needs.