What do you see?

MY question to you is simple and straightforward. What do you see? What you see is what you get.

What you see is what you chase after and pursue.

What you see is what you catch, or trap, or purchase. What you see is what inspires you and catches your interest and will subsequently attract your investments.

We invest our time, resources and energies in life pursuing what we see and want to possess. In whichever way you want to look at life, what you see matters the most and captures your interests.

Everyone in this life wants to succeed one way or the other. But you see, like anything else, you must see success to get success.
You cannot see failure and expect to get success. Our people see too much failure.

  • Success is not first in the environment outside you. It is inside you first. If you cannot see it inside you, you cannot see it outside.

What is inside you determines what you do and get outside. Things begin in the “inner man”. If success is in your spirit and mind, you will succeed anywhere in the world.

You can succeed in a crisis. You can succeed where others think it is impossible. No physical environment can defeat the fire of passion inside you.

The mistake that many people make is to sit back and wait for the situation to improve or get better, for them to can succeed. That is a mindset for failure. What you want to accomplish in this life is dependent on your inner will power than the outside environment.

Those who depend on the outside environment run the risk of never accomplishing their dreams. The outside environment will always be turbulent and risky. What overcomes it is the inner will or the inner drive.

  •  Unless you learn to succeed in the inner man, this world will defeat you. Greater is he that is in you than he that is outside you. There is inside every individual a greater person than the one you see.

This is the person in the image and likeness of God. This is the person who is not stopped by any circumstances life throws at them.

This is the person who overcomes and is designed to succeed anywhere in the world and yet this is the person you have over the years oppressed by allowing the outside environment to detect who you are and what you can do or not do. Success is an attitude. It is a mindset. It is not for others only. It is yours also if you choose to have it.

What you see therefore influences who you become and what you get in life. Unless you see the great person inside of you, you will always see this failed person always looking for handouts to make a living, a person always seeking attention and sympathy from others. This kind of mindset becomes a trap and this is where millions of our people in Africa are trapped.

You see, there are giants out in the world that threaten you and call you anything and make you feel you can never amount to anything and that make you feel disqualified. Their aim is to kill the giant in you.

The moment you miss the giant in you, but concentrate on the giants outside, you are finished.

  • Moses in the Bible sends men to go and spy on Canaan, the Promised Land.

They go into the land and see it differently. Others see giants and impossibilities. They see themselves unqualified even to fight and possess the promise. They even see themselves as grasshoppers, good for nothing and too weak to succeed.

Only two men see differently and in the way of the promise of God. Caleb and Joshua see these giants as their bread and see the victory God had given them.

It matters what you see. It determines what action to take. On hearing the bad report by the other spies, the whole nation went into a “fear mode” and lost the future.

I want to encourage you wherever you are that you can make it in life if you could see right and see what you want. You have seen too much failure and have pursued too much failure in your life. It’s time to change things. Let 2014 be your legendary year. Three things that you need to deal with, by the way, so you can see properly.

  •   Drunkenness; This deceives your power of perception and compromises the quality of your pursuit of life. It makes you see nothing even if you think you see.
  • Sexual orgies; These are a trap to the spirit of your vision and whether you like it or not they take away your “sight and faith” for the future. These will eat from you the “seed” for your success.
  • Critical spirit; You are too critical to see anything. This spirit blinds you to opportunities around you. You cannot see any because you criticise all.

Open up and SEE and POSSESS. See you at the top.

Kilton Moyo is the author of the Sex Trap, pastor and Guidance&Counselling Consultant. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207 or +263 712 384 841.

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