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Lupane civil servants cry foul over stands


KANYANDAVU rural health centre staff in Lupane have cried foul over the deduction of money from their salaries by the Zimbabwe Housing Development Trust (ZHDT) although it has failed to honour an agreement to provide stands for nurses and nurse aids in the district.


Obert Nyoni, a nurse aide at the Kanyandavu Clinic, told Southern Eye that they were approached by the marketing and business development manager of ZHDT, trading as ZH properties, Sikhumbuzo Ncube in July 2011.

Nyoni said Ncube had told civil servants in Lupane, who comprised teachers and nurses, that they would be given stands within a period of four to six months after receiving a membership certificate.

“Until now we do not know where this Ncube disappeared to. His phone numbers are not going through,” he said.

He said Ncube gave the civil servants a business card with three cellphone numbers and two landline numbers.

But none of the cellphone numbers go through while one landline is for a different company while the other one is for a residential line.

Nyoni said a number of nurses and teachers have had money deducted from their salaries and they were beginning to suspect that Ncube was working with Salary Services Bureau (SSB) insiders to con unsuspecting civil servants desperate to own houses.

“I believe that these con artists have a deduction code,” he said.

“I think they work with the SSB which is giving the organisation those codes. They cannot have the entitlement of deducting our monies without being aided by someone from the SSB.”

Deductions from monthly salaries commenced in November 2011, but nothing has materialised to date.

“We have not received the certificates he promised us two years down the line, but the $20 monthly deductions continue being made from our salaries,” Nyoni added.

ZHDT customer services officer Andrew Kazembe on Monday confirmed that Ncube used to work for the organisation, but had since left the company.

“I am not sure when Ncube left the company,”he said.

When asked about the money being deducted from the concerned civil servants’ salaries while no stands had been allocated, Kazembe said he would check the company records.

“I will have to go through the company records so as to see when these transactions were made and how to best solve the problem,” he said.

Kazembe yesterday said ZHDT would dispatch a team to go and investigate the alleged scam at Kanyandavu Clinic next week.

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