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Council tightens screws on litter bugs


FORTY residents were arrested and fined $20 each for littering during anti-littering patrols last month, but one councillor wants to see offenders being paraded in the streets to shame them.


According to minutes of the Bulawayo City Council’s health, housing and education committee, some councillors said stiffer penalties and anti-littering patrols should be intensified to deter would-be offenders.

“All effort was made to maintain clean streets by daily sweeping and clearing them. Shortage of route sweepers remained a challenge. An anti-littering patrol was conducted in conjunction with housing and community services rangers (in green uniforms) and the chamber secretary’s security section. Forty individuals were fined for littering,” part of the minutes reads.

Councillor Ernest Rafamoyo was, however, of the view that fining offenders $20 was not enough and suggested that arrested individuals be further shamed.

“Street littering by-laws should be enforced accordingly and in addition, council should undertake educational campaigns in order to inform residents.

“Rafomoyo observed that a number of arrests had been made in the month for street littering. This should be intensified. Apprehended residents should be paraded in the wards, fined and shunned for such activities,” the minutes added.

Councillors recently suggested the employment of personnel to record houses of people accused of illegal dumping to facilitate their prosecution. Councillors say illegal dumpsites across the city provided a conducive environment for mosquito breeding and spread of diseases.

Residents, however, blame council for an increase in the number of illegal dumpsites. Residents accuse council of failing to collect refuse in the eastern suburbs for weeks. Refuse collection in the eastern suburbs should be weekly while it is done fortnightly in the western suburbs.

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