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Kwekwe council gets timely donation


THE African Development Bank (AfDB) has donated two state-of-the-art honey suckers and a pickup truck worth $4 million to Kwekwe City Council.


The honey suckers are equipped with powerful pressurised pipes that are capable of clearing clogged storm drains and sewer pipes from one point up to 3km.

Town engineer John Mhike said the two trucks would be used to clear problematic sewer lines clogged by improperly disposed sanitary wear and other domestic objects that are disposed in the main sewer works.

“The whole deal is valued at $4 million but we have not got the itemised billing for what we have been given. These trucks will go a long way in ensuring that the sewer reticulation system is free from blockages which threaten the health of our people,” Mhike said.

Accepting the donations, mayor Matenda Madzoke said the trucks were an answer to understaffing in the sewer maintenance and repairs department.

“We are happy with the gesture by AfDB, especially at a time our equipment to deal with blockages had aged and was breaking down, while at the same time our sewer gangs are heavily understaffed and overburdened by work,” Madzoke said.

The honey suckers would also be used to empty septic tanks on private property, especially in low-density areas at affordable rates.

Previously, residents and council had to rely on private players to empty their septic tanks at sometimes punitive costs.

A source in the finance department said council would allow residents access to the honey suckers and charge them on their rates bills.

Council has struggled with sewer maintenance, especially in the high-density areas of Mbizo where illegal gold panners flush gold ore residue into the main lines resulting in blockages.

Sanitary pads and diapers have also found their way down the drainage causing sewer backflow.

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