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Tycoon’s death sparks probe


SURREY — THE family of a Scot who died in suspicious circumstances in Bulawayo have been told there will be a new inquest into his death.

Former SAS man Rab Wood’s relatives believe he was murdered and a UK coroner agreed his death was “very suspicious”.

But a post mortem in Zimbabwe gave his cause of death as asphyxia due to hanging and a pathologist recorded it as suicide.
Authorities in Bulawayo have now agreed to hold a new hearing on April 17.

Rab’s brother Ian said yesterday: “This is a big breakthrough for us because it shows they are taking the claims of foul play seriously.

“Rab’s death was made to look like he hanged himself, which he would never do.

“Police in Zimbabwe have said they suspect four people of being involved in a murder plot.”

Glasgow-born Rab (54) had been running a gold mine for two UK businessmen, who had given him a 13% share.

He was found dead in the spare room of his rented house on March 9 last year.

At the UK inquest, Ian claimed his brother’s lover, Henrietta Dube, forged his will to gain control of the lucrative business.

He accused her of taking over the mine with her boyfriend and emptying the company’s bank accounts.

Ian intends to travel to Bulawayo for the hearing.

He said: “Dube will be asked to give evidence and I will be able to look her in the eye and see what she has to say for herself.

“My primary goal will be to get her charged for the forging of Rab’s will and to get a proper murder investigation off the ground.”

Rab left behind wife Susan (59)who knew of his affair with Dube, and two sons aged 18 and 19.

Susan spoke to him the day

before his death, when they discussed plans to celebrate his 55th birthday on his next visit to the family home in Windlesham, Surrey.

— Daily Record

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