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War vet says 6-yr-old was his girlfriend


A WAR VETERAN from Mzilikazi in Bulawayo who is facing a one count of aggravated indecent assault of a six-year-old girl and raping another minor, yesterday stunned the court when he said the toddler was offered to him by her 13-year-old sister as his girlfriend.


Ndola Gwebu (57) said when the girl entered his bedroom and found him half naked, he had undressed and she started sucking his manhood.

Gwebu, who claimed he was a pensioner, said he had a wife and three children.

He pleaded guilty to one count of aggravated indecent assault, but denied two counts one of aggravated indecent assault and that of rape when he appeared before Bulawayo Regional Court Magistrate Crispen Mberewere yesterday.

Mberewere convicted him on one count in which he made the six-year-old suck his manhood while a trial would be conducted on the other aggravated indecent assault and rape cases which Gwebu denied.

When Mberewere asked why he had forced the girl to suck his manhood Gwebu responded: “When she entered my bedroom, I was not wearing my trousers I was wearing a pantie. I then removed the pantie; I did not ask her to suck my manhood but she just reached for it and started sucking it.”

Mberewere retorted: “You are trying to tell us that when you saw the child you removed your pant and she just started sucking it. Were you enjoying that?”

“At first yes, I was enjoying, but later it was annoying me and I pushed her off,” Gwebu said.

“But when you did that you knew you were committing an offence?” asked the magistrate.

“Yes, I knew. I regard her as my granddaughter. It just happened. I had not anticipated it. I had no intention to do it. It’s only that her sister aged 13 years had pledged her to me as a girlfriend and when she came to my bedroom I then accepted her and took her to my bed. Initially I was at a loss of what to do to her,” he said.

At the start of the case last month, Gwebu was being represented by lawyer Lison Ncube.

However, Ncube ditched Gwebu for changing his plea while in the dock without notifying him.

Before entering the dock, Gwebu had advised Ncube that he would plead guilty.

In the aggravated indecent assault case, Gwebu is alleged to have between November 2013 and January 2014, called the six-year-old girl to his house where he took her to his bedroom.

He removed his trousers and underwear before asking her to suck his manhood after which he gave her R2 and she left.

He allegedly called the same girl to his house during the same period and told her he wanted to have sex with her so that he could give her some money.

The girl refused to remove her clothes and Gwebu allegedly threatened to call her aunt.

Gwebu allegedly later inserted his finger into the girl’s private parts before giving her a dollar which he claimed to be $5.

In the third count it was alleged that sometime in November 2013, Gwebu called the 13-year-old sister of the six-year-old girl while she was playing with friends.

He led her into his bedroom and allegedly ordered her to remove her clothes and lie on the bed before raping her once.

Gwebu allegedly gave her $2 and advised her not to tell anyone.

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