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Stray jumbos wreak havoc in Bulilima


A VILLAGER in Bulilima was lucky to escape with injuries when he was attacked by a herd of elephants that are wreaking havoc and destroying crops in the district.


The jumbos, which are suspected to be from Botswana numbering about 50, are terrorising villagers in Bulilima’s wards 11 and 12. Campfire authorities from Plumtree reportedly failed to drive them away from the fields.

Villagers revealed that the jumbo attack was not new as they experience it every year and implored authorities from the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to intervene.

“I think something has to be done because this is not a new problem in our area.

“We experience the same problem almost every year and I believe relevant authorities must find a permanent solution to this problem,” a villager said.

“Since last week, people in areas such as Madlambuzi, Mangubo and Khandamhlophe, among others, have been spending days and nights in their fields blowing vuvuzelas and lighting fires to prevent the elephants from invading their fields.”

In a bid to curb the disaster caused by the jumbos, villagers have reportedly started harvesting their crops although they were not fully ripe.

Authorities from Bulilima’s Social Services department told Southern Eye the matter had been reported to Campfire authorities, but they had failed to drive the jumbos away.

“The case was reported to campfire authorities, but they said villagers should clear paths for them to move around chasing the animals and yesterday they came and failed to chase the furious stray animals leaving them destroying crops,” Mabaka Nleya of the Bulilima Social Services department said.

Campfire authorities were not reachable for comment.

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