Conflicting reports on State House intruder


TWO State doctors gave conflicting medical reports after examining a Matshobana man who attempted to force his way into the Bulawayo State House to snatch a gun for his alleged Pakistani master earlier this month.


One doctor said Clever Mombeshora (34) was fit to stand trial while the other said he was not stable and needed to be examined by a psychiatrist before a proper determination could be made.

This emerged yesterday when Mombeshora appeared before Bulawayo senior magistrate Sibongile Msipa facing a charge of failing to comply with directions regulating movements and conduct as given by authorised officers after he tried to enter Bulawayo State House by force.

Mombeshora has pleaded guilty to the charge, but Msipa said his remarks were incoherent and recommended that he be examined by two doctors before he could be tried.

“I have two medical reports here and this shows that you were examined by two medical doctors,” Msipa said.

“One of the doctors is saying in the report that you are fit to stand trial while the other says you are not and you need to be examined by a psychiatrist.

“You will stand trial only after a psychiatrist has confirmed if you are fit or not and come back to this court on May 6.”

“I have a request your worship; I need bail. The way I am being treated in prison is bad,” Mombeshora said without specifying the form of treatment.

“I have talked about that with the prison officers. You cannot be out now because they need to take you to the psychiatrist who will confirm if you are fit to stand trial and I hope by May 6 that would have been done,” Msipa responded.

Mombeshora, who is originally from Beitbridge, stunned the court earlier this month when he said he breached security at State House after being sent by his unknown Pakistani boss to get him a gun promising to pay him for it.

Mombeshora said he did not know where exactly in Bulawayo his “boss” resided and when the magistrate asked him if he was normal, he responded in the affirmative.

When Msipa asked him what he did for a living, Mombeshora said he smuggled people from Zimbabwe into South Africa via the Limpopo River.

The State led by Caroline Matanga alleged that on April 6, Mombeshora went to the State House gate intending to enter and two police constables ordered him to leave as it was a prohibited and protected place.

Mombeshora allegedly ignored their orders and proceeded towards the State House gate and the cops arrested him for refusing to comply with directions regulating movements and conduct.