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Man bashes lover over amacimbi


A 53-YEAR-OLD Gwanda man who assaulted his girlfriend with a burning log over mealie-meal and amacimbi was yesterday ordered to pay a fine of $100 or spend 30 days in jail.


Tsemi Nhatare of Bhandani area in Guyu pleaded guilty to a charge of physically abusing his girlfriend Mildred Nyathi (48) when he appeared before Gwanda magistrate Sheila Nazombe.

In addition, Nhatare was also sentenced to 20 days imprisonment which was wholly suspended for three years on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within that period.

The court heard that on January 31 at around 2pm, Nhatare went to Nyathi’s homestead and found her young sister asleep outside the house. He woke her up and asked where Nyathi was.

He was told that she was asleep inside her bedroom hut and he proceeded to forcibly open the door.

He then questioned her about the mealie-meal and amacimbi she alleged he had stolen.

Nhatare then started assaulting Nyathi with a burning log on her face.

“Your worship I assaulted my girlfriend because I had heard that she was accusing me of stealing her mealie-meal and amacimbi and that did not go down well with me,” Nhatare said.

Nazombe said it was shocking that Nhatare had used a burning log to assault his girlfriend when there was no need for him to arm himself.

“You are 53 years old, therefore you should be an example not only to your family, but also to the community at large. Thus we should be coming to you for advice because age means wisdom. You should learn to love, take care of your girlfriend and solve issues amicably,” she said.

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