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Vic Falls council embarks on stand repossession


THE Victoria Falls Town Council has embarked on a massive repossession of close to 200 residential and commercial stands under its jurisdiction that have not been developed in a specified period.


The affected stands are in Moringa, Mukali, Mukanya and Nyakumbi shopping centres and the bulk of them are residential.

Current owners have been given up to May to rectify the issue.

According to a notice by the municipality, all undeveloped stands are going to be repossessed.

“Notice is hereby given that the Victoria Falls municipality is in the process of repossessing all undeveloped land within low-density residential, industrial and commercial areas of Victoria Falls township lands,” the municipality said in a notice yesterday.

Normally, local authorities as per their regulations, periodically reposses undeveloped stands if owners fail to develop them for two years, without paying any compensation.

However, Victoria Falls is understood to have a policy of repossessing undeveloped stands after six years in the case of high-density areas, three years in medium-density areas and two years in low-density areas.

Zimbabweans based in the Diaspora are reported to be sitting on undeveloped land in the resort town of Victoria Falls for speculative purposes while the resort town has run out of land for both housing and commercial development.

Late last year, Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo ordered all urban and rural councils to surrender houses and residential stands repossessed from aspiring home owners who failed to pay for them due to lack of money.

Chombo said councils which were run by the MDC formations from 2000 up to July last year, should have given residents at least 20 years to pay for the houses and residential stands.

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