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LET ME begin by asking you a question. “When will you live your life in full?” You have been postponing your life for too long now.
Many people have died without living and enjoying their lives.

You have fallen into this trap of either regretting over the past mistakes or grumbling over the things you do not have. This is where a lot of us lose our lives and begin to live according to circumstances. A life driven by circumstances is a tragedy.

You cannot live and enjoy your life regretting every mile of it. You are regretting your past mistakes and feel disqualified.

You are regretting missed opportunities and feel unable and undeserving. You are regretting your relationship and even your background and these feed your spirit with defeat and despair. These are voices of destabilisation and dehumanisation. They are there to steal the meaning of your life.

Many of us are postponing our lives listening to deception that we must first have this and that to live our life in full. “If I have enough, money, ‘O’ levels, a husband, a wife etc.” These are lies.

How much is enough money to we? Who said our life depends on a husband or wife?

Your life is largely depended on your decisions and actions and not on all these.

You might not have enough money until you start living your life in its fullness.

You are the one hindering yourself and not lack of money or marriage. Learn to enjoy yourself first. What if I put it to you, beloved, that you might not enjoy your life in marriage or wherever, unless you learn to enjoy your single life? Live your teenage life in fullness in order to live your adult life in fullness.

Do not tell yourself you have nothing.

No one has “nothing” in real life. You have something that can improve the quality of your life. If you have a dollar, then you have something.

That dollar is exactly what you need. It is the capital you need. The challenge is how to use that dollar to make $2.

If you can get it in your mind how to increase or multiply what you have, you will make it in this life. There are many ways of using the little in your life to make the plenty you desire.

The challenge is we sit and mourn every time and never think creatively in our situations. If you can change the way you see the dollar in your pocket, you can change your life. Do not say you have nothing when you have something.

We need to learn how to use everything or anything we have to make what we need.

Rather than waiting and worrying about what you do not have, learn to use what you have to get what you do not have.

  • No one has nothing in this life,
  • Learn to use what you have to get what you do not have,
  • Life is not rehearsed like a movie. Life is played every second. It is lived every second. And it is you who determines how you want to live it,
  • Regretting the past is your biggest enemy and thief of your life and its fullness. Winners put the past behind and go for life in its fullness,
  • What you are living now is real. It is the actual life.

Life is about now and my question to you is, “Are you happy?” Is that the life you really want to live; grumbling, complaining, violent, angry, jealousy, drunk and mourning? Is this what you call your life? There is a better side to all this but you see, the decision lies with you.

The majority of us have settled for temporary and second-hand life and have blamed this on circumstances, situations and other people. Many also live borrowed lives.

Lives are borrowed from everywhere. My encouragement to you is to rethink and plan your life yourself and not allow circumstances to shape your life. Your life must be shaped by your dream, desires and purpose.

Circumstances have a mission to beat you up and make you abandon your dream and the purpose of your life. Many people have given up in life.

The current you is most likely not you. It is the making of circumstances because you have allowed them to.

But you still have an opportunity to get yourself back. Each day gives you that opportunity. Beloved, you can be anything and everyone you desire to be as long as you can step out of that trap and begin to live that childhood dream you once had.

Your full life is based on your original purpose. Who are you? If you can answer this question you can live life in to its fullest.

 Kilton Moyo is a pastor, guidance and counselling consultant and author of Responding to Personal Crisis. Call or WhatsApp on +263 775 337 207/ 712 384 841.

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