Man accused of raping six-year-old girl

A 27-year-old Lupane man, Admire Maduma, allegedly raped a six-year-old girl he found playing with her friends.

Staff Reporter

Maduma, of 131 Old Stands in Lupane, appeared before Aelene Munamati on Monday in Lupane facing rape charges and was remanded in custody to April 19.

Prosecutor Wilberfore Mungoshi told the court that sometime in April the victim was playing with her friends on the streets.

Maduma, who was passing by, grabbed the girl and dashed to his house with her. While inside the house, Maduma allegedly ordered the girl to lay facing upwards and removed her panties. Maduma then wore a condom and raped the girl once and released her.

It was not clear how the matter came to light, but the girl managed to positively identify Maduma, leading to his arrest.

Medical tests conducted at St Luke’s Hospital indicated penetration on the minor.

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