Robert Wood Zimbabwe death: Brother claims he was ‘followed’ after inquest

LONDON – The brother of THE former SAS soldier who was found dead in Bulawayo has said that he believes he is being followed.

Robert Wood, 54, a gold mine manager in Matobo, was discovered hanged at his home in in March 2012.

His brother Ian, from Dover, Kent, is attending the inquest into Wood’s death in Bulawayo and will be cross-examining witnesses.

A pathologist in Zimbabwe previously concluded that Wood, of Windlesham, Surrey, had taken his own life.

In November a coroner in Woking, Surrey, recorded an open verdict, saying there was not enough evidence to determine how he died.

Brian Hungwe, the BBC’s Zimbabwe correspondent, said Ian Wood told him that he was followed by three “suspicious persons” after the hearing on Wednesday.

“It’s not yet clear if he has made that report to the police, but he tells me he’s not in fear of anything,” he said.

“All that he wants is the truth to be established. He insists that he suspects foul play.

Ian Wood said his brother had lived in Africa for much of his life

“He is quite determined to cross-examine each and every witness that is going to be called by the prosecution.”

After the first inquest, Mr Wood’s family offered a $25,000 (£15,000) reward for information about his death.

Wood, who said his brother had lived in Africa for much of his life, told the BBC: “I just think that it was a mine grab.

“And they knew without getting Rob out of the way, there’s no way they’d have been able to take over the mine.”

Hungwe said a gardener who had worked at Wood’s house told the inquest how he found him hanging.

The first police officer to arrive at the scene said Wood had blood stains on his genitals.

“What is yet to be established is whether the blood stains had anything to do with suspected foul play, or that it is what normally happens when somebody has committed suicide by hanging himself,” Hungwe said.

The inquest continues.


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