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Akidwit-no-tahg releases mixtape


LOCAL recording artiste and music producer Donald Patsanza, aka Akidwit-no-tahg, is set to release a mixtape of 28 songs titled Atari Gold Cartridges.


Atari-Gold-CartridgesThe mixtape would be available for download online from June 15. It contains promising tracks such as Slavin and Mad Scientist.

In an interview with Southern Eye Lifestyle, Patsanza said the title of the mixtape was derived from a famous game in the ’90s.

“Atari is a gaming console back in the ’90s. It was a famed game released at the time I was born. You needed a cartridge to be able to play the game. I reinterpreted the name to gold cartridges which are rare to find, this refers to my music which is golden and exceptional. The sound is unique, I can liken it to hip-hop with various fusions, in a nutshell alternative hip-hop,” he said.

He released his first single in 2009 dubbed Welcome to Northend featuring Sisiyante.

“I started producing music in my early teenage years at Northend with my friends McPotar, Navy Seal and McDuff who were much older and more experienced than I was. They helped nature my young creative mind,” he said.

“I started working on this mixtape in December last year. It has hints of African abstract sounds.”

The musician-cum-engineer worked with various producers and artistes on this project including First-Class Music, Ruthless Beats Production Crew, American producer Janna Branch, and South African producer Sipping, P2daoh, POY, Ricco and many others

“The name Akidwit-no-tagh basically means that I do not have a tag and people cannot define who I am. People are in a habit of placing you in a box, but I am the only one with the power to define who I am. I am successful and I have a creative mind” Patsanza said .

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