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Cop in trouble over maize deals


A 39-YEAR-OLD Gweru-based senior cop appeared in court yesterday facing allegations of converting cattle meant for food at a police mess to his personal use.


Assistant Inspector Marowa Nyamande, mess manager at Gweru Main Camp was tasked with procurement and issuing of food stuffs. The police also tasked him with bartering maize for beasts intended for beef at the police base.

Nyamande, however, allegedly took part or all grain bags in exchange for livestock which he converted to his own use.

Nyamande is facing six counts of corruptly concealing a transaction from a principal and his trial was deferred to June 24 after it was reported that his lawyer was unwell. Allegations are that sometime in July 2008, Nyamande took 11 50kg bags of maize meal to Lalapanzi and exchanged seven bags for a beast.

He is alleged to have taken the remaining four bags to one Flavian Takavangei, and exchanged them for four goats that he kept for himself.

On August 5 2008 Nyamande again took 10 50kg bags of maize to Lalapanzi and bartered them for a beast which he again kept for himself.

The State further stated that on three different occasions in October 2008, he exchanged eight bags of maize for three beasts which he allegedly kept.

On December 28 2008 he allegedly converted 18 50kg bags of maize to his personal use. The matter came to light when a whistle blower informed Nyamande’s superiors.

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