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MP demands goat from sheeben queen


ACTING MDC-T Bulawayo provincial chairperson Dorcas Sibanda on Wednesday withdrew a civil case against Nkulumane shebeen queen Bekezela Nkomazana, who assaulted her at the legislator’s Ntabazinduna bar last month.


Sibanda was assaulted while hosting the popular “amaSunday” when she got involved in an argument with Nkomazana over change.

Nkomazana reportedly bought beer using a $100 note and when she later asked for her change, Sibanda denied receiving any money from her resulting in an argument that degenerated into a scuffle and her subsequent assault.

Sibanda reported the assault to the police and filed a civil suit demanding $10 000 from Nkomazana as damages for assault.

Southern Eye yesterday established that the Bulawayo Central MP withdrew the case after reaching an agreement with Nkomazana that would see her pay Sibanda $1 800 and a goat.

Sibanda confirmed withdrawing the case without getting into details.

“I withdrew the case. We are women and sisters, so I decided to drop the case,” she said.

Nkomazana confirmed that the case had been withdrawn.

“It’s true that the case was withdrawn yesterday,” she said.

However, a relative of Nkomazana said Sibanda only withdrew the case after the shebeen queen paid her $300 as down payment for the $1 800 she demanded.

“Sibanda demanded $1 800 and a goat from Bekezela.

“The legislator said she had forgiven her, but the money was for costs she accrued paying her lawyers and the Civil Court,” the relative said.

“Bekezela was made to sign the agreement before Sibanda withdrew the case.

“She paid $300 and it was agreed that she would pay monthly installments of $100 until the money was all paid up.”

The relative said Bekezela signed reluctantly as she was unemployed.

“She was tired of going up and down to Ntabazinduna where the matter was being tried and reluctantly signed.

“Relatives also advised her to sign the agreement so that she could get the matter behind her.

“She is unemployed and is not married, so it would be hard for her to raise the money and besides she doesn’t know much about the law, so she had to sign,” the relative said.

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