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30 murder cases at Hwange circuit


BULAWAYO High Court judge Justice Andrew Mutema is set to preside over 13 murder cases in Matabeleland North when the Hwange High Court Circuit sits from June 30.


According to the High Court cause list, all police stations in whose jurisdiction some murder suspects reside, have been ordered to ensure that all accused persons were taken to Hwange Prison for trial.

One of the cases involves a Lupane villager who killed a man after hitting him with a pestle on the head for intervening in a fight over traditional beer.

Norman Ndlovu (35) allegedly assaulted Zenzo Tshuma, whose age was not given, with the grinder resulting in his death at St Luke’s Hospital where he had been admitted.

Charges against Ndlovu were that sometime in August last year, a group of villagers from the Mhlanga-Mlambo village gathered at Edmore Tshayisa’s homestead in Lupane drinking traditional beer.

It was alleged that a fight ensued between Ndlovu’s younger brother Xolani, a man only identified as Moses and his wife.

Tshayisa and Tshuma restrained them and chucked Xolani out of the homestead for being a nuisance.

Ndlovu joined in the fight and started assaulting the couple.

Xolani allegedly armed himself with a log and hit Tshayisa once.

Tshayisa and Tshuma armed themselves with a spear and stool and once again kicked Xolani out of the homestead.

In the mêlée, Xolani allegedly hit Tshayisa with the log and Tshuma intervened by striking Xolani with the stool.

Seeing that his younger brother was in trouble, Ndlovu who was still armed with the pestle, struck Tshuma once on the head.

Ndlovu fled from the scene and Tshuma was rushed to St Luke’s Hospital where he died a few days later.

A report was made to the police and Ndlovu was arrested.

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