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Teen in trouble for bestiality


A VICTORIA FALLS teenager was yesterday fined $100 and ordered to perform 70 hours of community service after being convicted of bestiality by resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani.


Mbongiseni Dube (18) of Jambezi under chief Mvuthu was found guilty of having sexual intercourse with his uncle’s donkey in March.

Before sentencing him, Rosemani said Dube had already badly tarnished his image and that of his future wife with his bizarre deed.

“The time you decide to marry, what is your wife going to think of you hearing that you once had sexual intercourse with a donkey,” Rosemani said.

Dube was sentenced to two months imprisonment, but one month was wholly suspended on condition that he does 70 hours of community service at Jambezi Police Station and the second month was suspended on condition that he restitutes his uncle a sum of $100 before July 31.

Prosecutor David Tivakudze told the court that on the afternoon of March 22, Dube was with his uncle at a borehole smocking tobacco while grazing the latter’s donkeys.

Dube told his uncle he was going to check on the donkeys and the uncle decided to check on him after he had gone for a long time.

He found the donkeys grazing nearby, but one female was missing. He searched and found a half dressed Dube having sexual intercourse with the donkey in a bushy area.

When he saw his uncle, Dube fled leaving his shirt on the scene. Dube denied the allegations.

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