State House intruder languishes in jail

A MATSHOBANA man who was arrested for trying to enter the Bulawayo State House on April 6 was last week remanded in custody pending the release of his mental status report by a psychiatrist.


Clever Mombeshora (34) has been languishing in remand prison for about three months since being arrested and charged with trying to forcefully enter State House.

Mombeshora pleaded guilty to the charge when he initially appeared before Bulawayo senior magistrate Sibongile Msipa, but his incoherent remarks in court prompted the magistrate to order that he undergo a mental evaluation before his trial could kick off.

The State indicated that it was still waiting for Mombeshora’s psychiatric report after about three months since Msipa ordered his examination.

In April, Msipa ordered that Mombeshora be examined by two medical doctors and they produced conflicting reports with one indicating he was fit to stand trial and the other saying he should be examined by a psychiatrist.

Following the conflicting medical reports, Msipa ordered that Mombeshora go for a psychiatric examination indicating that the outcome would determine whether or not he would stand trial.

Mombeshora told the court when he initially appeared, he went to the State House close to Sauerstown to get a gun for his Pakistani handler who had promised him good money for it.

Mombeshora told the court that he did not know the name of the Pakistani man or place of residence, but he knew that the State House was the only place he could readily get a gun.

He said he needed the money as he survived on smuggling people into South Africa through the Limpopo River.

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