Masvingo soldier dies at sex worker’s house

WHAT started as a romantic World Cup soccer final outing turned tragic when a soldier died at a sex worker’s house on Monday morning at Ngundu business centre in Masvingo province.


Police confirmed the tragedy saying the soldier Pesanai Nyowani, who was based at 5 Brigade Ngezi Barracks in Kwekwe, died at Gloria Wunganai’s house.

Acting Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nkululeko Nduna said they were still investigating the case to determine the cause of Nyowani’s death.

“Police are still investigating the circumstances that led to Nyowani’s death and a post-mortem shall be conducted this week,” he said.

It was alleged that Nyowani had been drinking at the business centre while watching the World Cup soccer final between Argentina and subsequent winners Germany on Sunday night.

Nyowani is said to have booked Wunganai for the night at her place and asked her to wake him up before sunrise as he wanted to catch an early bus to Harare. When Wunganai tried to wake him up in in the morning, she discovered that Nyowani had soiled himself and was struggling to breath.

Wunganai alerted her friend and fellow sex worker Hlakani Mhlanga that Nyowani was struggling to breath. Mhlanga told Southern Eye that she helped Wunganai to rush Nyowani to Ngundu Clinic.

“I tried to help Nyowani as he was breathing with difficulty and we took him to the clinic where we were advised that his condition could only be attended to at Masvingo Provincial Hospital,” said Mhlanga.

Wunganai said they took Nyowani back to her place so they could prepare to take him to Masvingo Hospital, but he died shortly afterwards.

“When we got home, Nyowani died. I informed the police who came to attend the scene and alerted his relatives who stay in Neshuro,” said Wunganai in tears.

Wunganai said she had not got any clients since Monday morning’s tragic event as each time a man showed interest in her, others would warn him saying she killed a soldier.

She said even children now mocked her as a soldier killer when they came across her.

“Everyone here now mocks me saying I killed a soldier and I am thinking of relocating from Ngundu. There is no point for me to continue staying here when I am being mocked for something I did not do.

“I am no longer getting any clients since the tragedy yet I need money to survive and residents are making life difficult for me by calling me a soldier killer every time they see me,” she said.

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