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Chief to cater for vulnerable


CHIEF Sibasa of Filabusi in Insiza South, Matabeleland South on Monday said they had harvested one tonne of maize meant for isiphala senkosi (the king’s granary) this year.


He said the maize would be used to feed widows, orphans and people with disabilities in his area. However, Chief Sibasa said the grain was not enough to cater for everyone in serious need of food because there was not much commitment to till the land earmarked for the programme due to erratic rainfall patterns in the province.

“We still have no king’s granary as we have been failing to harvest substantial yields for many years. We are yet to construct the granary. This year I have harvested one tonne of maize. I have five hectares of land set aside for the isiphala senkosi, but I usually utilise only 0,5 hectares due to our rainfall patterns, which have not been dependable,” he said.

The chief said he would channel the harvest to the most affected and vulnerable people under his jurisdiction.

“We do not have enough food, but we will assist the most affected villagers,” he said.

“The kraal heads and some villagers normally do the ploughing of the land and the information on who is in serious need of food is normally gathered from the kraal heads, according to their knowledge of the people in their books.”

The revival of the isiphala senkosi programme in Matabeleland South was started some years ago, but most chiefs in the province have been failing to implement it because of perpetual droughts caused by poor rainfall patterns.

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