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Man loses teeth in row over Shona songs


AN argument over Shona songs that were being played at a drinking spot in Victoria Falls cost an imbiber three of his front teeth, a magistrate was told yesterday.


Talent Nyathi (27) was convicted on his plea of guilty when he appeared before Victoria Falls resident magistrate Sharon Rosemani charged with assaulting Sisco Mwale (39) with a stone.

Rosemani postponed judgment saying she wanted the victim to first submit all medical costs as well as the cost of artificial teeth.
Prosecutor David Tivakudze told the court that on August 10 at around 9pm, Nyathi of Canaan village and Mwale were drinking beer at Chisuma bottle store.

As Mwale left the drinking spot going home, Nyathi slapped him once on the face for no apparent reason before picking a stone and hitting him once on the jaws. Mwale fell unconscious and was ferried to hospital where it was discovered that he had lost three upper left side teeth.

In his defence, Nyathi said he was provoked by Mwale’s actions and words when he had requested for a song.

“I asked the disc jockey to stop playing a Shona song and this angered Mwale who then accused me of being tribal. He said that I was at the bar to get prostitutes. That’s why I got angry and hit him with one fist before picking up a stone. I hear he lost some of his teeth,” Nyathi said.

However, Mwale told the court that he was beaten after an argument over the choice of music as he was exiting the door.

“He struck me with a stone when I was exiting the bar. I have used a lot of money trying to get medication and he has never said sorry or tried to compensate me,” he said.

“The dentist yesterday said he wants to remove three more because I have an infection and internal wounds.

“My gums won’t stop bleeding so he suggested that I remove them before the infection spreads. I have to buy six artificial teeth and each costs $80, which I cannot afford since I am not employed,” he added.

Nyathi was remanded in custody.

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