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THE Zanu PF leadership has become so accustomed to a population that has nothing to do or say regarding the bad governance on offer.

Party chéfs are now confident that they were anointed by God to impose their wishes on the people. Party bigwigs now routinely brag about the people’s submissiveness.

The Sadc meeting recently convened in Victoria Falls provided government officials a platform to showcase their bragging in front of other regional leaders.

It was as if they were bent on providing evidence on Zimbabweans being culpably complicity in the commissioning of the ongoing crime of bad governance.

The Foreign Affairs minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi was at his boasting best by delving into the murky pond of politics of subjugation. The minister portrayed Zimbabweans as a very meek people who would never take to the streets in anger.

He senselessly and needlessly bragged to other foreign ministers from the Sadc region that Zimbabweans were pathetically patriotic to a point of docility.

In short, the minister implied that Zimbabweans do not pay much attention to issues affecting the way they were governed. The minister’s expression gave ideas that the people cared less about finding out who was causing the economy to misfire and cared less on how sensible, responsible and accountable the government of the day was.

The minister was at liberty to brag that Zimbabweans would not think of removing their government through popular mass disobedience and town-square gatherings even in the face of serious and debilitating economic challenges.

He could have been projecting what he expected responsible citizen to do when subjected to a level of economic decline such as Zimbabweans have endured over the years and continue to endure.

In short, Mumbengegwi was engaging in the proverbial act of chopping off his nose in order to spite his own face. He was actively spiting the people of Zimbabwe for being patient with a lifetime of perfidy and treachery.

Zanu PF is happy that it is presiding over a resigned population that can be manipulated in any direction through satanic impositions.

Zanu PF is confident that it presides over a submissive population where Zimbabweans can be likened to a metal of high ductility and malleability if not a liquid of great viscosity. The party can choose at will to flatten the people, stretch them or pour them into smelly drains of despair.

Zanu PF is taking for granted the fact that people are going on with their lives as if they were in Canaan, that Biblical land of promise. Sadly there are no gallons of milk and oodles of sweet honey flowing in Zimbabwe, instead the land reeks of bad vibes.

The people have gone through the worst degradation in human terms.

Sadly, Zanu PF continues to rest on its laurels on the belief that never will the people riot against “the people”. Zanu PF ministers and politburo members are stuck in a drunken stupor where they believe that the party is a people’s project as it is dubbed the people’s party.

In their thought processes, the people will never rebel against themselves. There will be no rioting, rebelling or rampaging against the party. People like Mumbengegwi believe that in the religion that is Zanu PF, the people will never ascribe blame to the party.

Zanu PF is foolishly sliding into denial mode where the over-arching belief is that the party is invincible and that only the will of God can bring it down.

The party draws comfort and unequalled solace from the belief that Mugabe was anointed by God to provide leadership at his will.

Mugabe is considered as the surviving Son of God and he mischievously lets his lieutenants call him Son of God and a Son of Man who cannot be destroyed by earthly man.

It is such arrogance that brought the undoing of some earthly men. Lessons should be learned from leaders in the ilk of Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia, Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt.

These men made monumental lapses of judgment due to intoxication with power. They thought they were born for power and would live through it.

When Zambians thought it was time for ukulya bwino (eating well), Kaunda went down with no soldiers from Arakan Barracks firing a single shot in his defence and with no police officers from Lilaye Depot arresting any rioters.

Just like in Libya, the march to tame the excesses of brotherly leader and self-styled god of the Arab Jamahiriya could not be drowned by the “down with America” chants by the female body guards from Sirte. The march into Tripoli was over in a flash.

Mugabe’s assumption of a godly role has instilled a sense of sanctimony in most of his lieutenants and they see themselves as impeccable disciples of this later day god. So, his enthusiastic Foreign minister could not keep that secret.

Zanu PF should not hope that it will keep on undermining and underestimating the collective prowess of the nation’s scorned people.
It will be a matter of time!

Masola wa Dabudabu is a social commentator

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