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Bulawayo companies reopen


THE ENVIRONMENTAL Management Agency (EMA) has reopened 10 Bulawayo companies that were forced to close down recently for discharging toxic waste into rivers.


EMA recently issued out 37 orders to city companies fingered in the pollution of Umguza River where about 11 000 families were reportedly affected.

The closed companies included abattoirs, tanneries’ funeral parlous, breweries, beverage makers, garages and service stations, among others.

EMA’s Bulawayo manager Decent Ndlovu said all companies that were issued with orders to stop discharging toxic waste into rivers were no longer doing so.

“All companies issued with orders have complied and we are closely monitoring them,” he said.

“They were allowed to resume operations under conditions that they do not pollute the environment.

“Ten service stations which were issued with orders to cease operations were reopened yesterday (Monday) and we are closely monitoring them.

“We would like to urge all industries to discharge within the required limits to avoid pollution.”

He said EMA’s major concern was that companies were discharging high toxic waste into Umguza River thereby endangering people’s lives as well as animals and aquatic life.

Among companies which were reopened were Belmont Leather, Dura Shine Car Wash, Redan Service Station and other eight service stations.

According to a report by the inter-ministerial committee, companies found to be polluting Umguza River and its tributaries were Delta Beverages, Schweppes, Ingwebu Breweries, Colcom, Cold Storage Commission, Treger Kango and United Refineries, among others.

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