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Dokora defends $1 charge


PRIMARY and Secondary Education minister Lazurus Dokora has said the $1 per pupil contributions policy for the African Union (AU) Sports Council Region V Under-20 Youth Games which has riled most parents would be enforced despite the controversy.


The ministry last month ordered every pupil in Bulawayo to pay $1 each to enable the province to attend national trials for the games.

The annual National Youth Games, which are currently underway in Masvingo, would be used to select athletes to represent Zimbabwe at the AU Sports Council Region V Under-20 Youth Games to be held in Bulawayo in December.

Speaking at the official opening of the National Youth Games at Mucheke Stadium yesterday, Dokora said despite making headlines for the wrong reasons, the $1 per pupil directive would be enforced.

“I recall that Bulawayo province made headlines over the $1 per child contributions to enable the province to take part in the games. It was in the news, but we will continue like that. We will not stop,” he said.

The directive is said to have started in 1998, according to Bulawayo provincial education director Dan Moyo.

However, some disgruntled parents said the ministry should not unilaterally order them to contribute without consulting them.

They said they should not be further burdened with financially supporting a sporting event when they were already struggling to pay school fees.

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