Fake money peddlers jailed


TWO Bulawayo residents have been convicted for trying to use fake money in an EcoCash transaction.


Mbonisi Tshuma (32) and Buhle Ncube (30) of Nkulumane were sentenced to two years in prison by Bulawayo magistrate Tawanda Muchemwa on Friday.

The two pleaded guilty and Muchemwa sentenced them to two years in jail, but suspended six months on condition that they do not commit a similar offence.

Tsungai Chekure, the EcoCash agent, told the court that the accused came to him with the intension of defrauding him.

“He (Tshuma) came to where I operate in Lobengula Street and told me that he wanted to do a cash-in of $200 and requested that I do it for him fast because he was in a hurry,” said Chekure.

“I concentrated on what I was doing as we waited for the confirmation message to deliver. After it delivered, he then handed over the two $100 notes which I then saw were fake before taking him to the police.”

Ncube told the court that she got the fake money from someone she did not know.

“I did not know what to do with the money after Tshuma told me it was fake. Tshuma requested that we meet and plan to dispose of the money,” she said.

According to the State’s outline, Tshuma and Ncube met along 6th Avenue and hatched a plan to defraud the complainant.

Tshuma then took into his possession two $100 notes from Ncube and proceeded to the complainant’s shop and handed over the fake notes as deposit for EcoCash.