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Sex worker bashed by unhappy client


A SUSPECTED prostitute in the makorokoza (illegal panners)-infested Mberengwa Office 1 area lost the sight in her right eye after being severely bashed by a client for allegedly failing to satisfy his sexual desires.


Milton Chikwama (21) escaped a jail sentence after Mberengwa magistrate Christopher Maturure fined him $150 for assaulting sex worker Antonate Moyo (30).

Chikwama told the court that he had beaten Moyo up for refusing to reimburse him his $2 after she failed to satisfy him sexually.

“She was not good enough. She performed poorly yet I had paid for her services. I demanded my money back, but she refused so I had to do what I did to recover my money,” Chikwama told the court.

It was the State’s case that on August 22, Chikwama and Moyo had drinks together until the early hours of the next morning.

Chikwama then booked a room at a local brothel and paid Moyo $2 for sex. However, Chikwama demanded his money back expressing unhappiness with the service Moyo rendered, but she refused saying the services were worth the $2 he had paid.

An argument ensued and Chikwama assaulted Moyo with clenched fists and a leather belt. Moyo lost sight on her right eye and sustained bruises all over her body due to the assault.

The magistrate warned the public to desist from prostitution, saying it was illegal and aided the spread of HIV and Aids.

“I do not know why people want prostitutes yet they can just marry and live a good life. Are you not aware of the deadly virus that has killed many people?” Maturure asked before sentencing Chikwama.

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