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Physics, chemistry for primary school


PRIMARY schools are set to introduce physics, chemistry and biology to prepare pupils in the sciences from an early age so that they do not experience difficulties when they get to secondary level.


Higher Education, Science and Technology deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa said the country’s learning environment would be enhanced in 2015 to prepare primary school pupils for secondary education.

“Beginning next year, primary schools will introduce physics, chemistry and biology so that pupils are geared for secondary education where they are introduced to many more subjects,” he said.

“You realise that pupils at primary level are used to four subjects and when they get to secondary level they are introduced to many more subjects and this can be difficult to some of them.

“This programme is going to be introduced by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education next year.”

Meanwhile, Gandawa said Mathematics was still a requirement for enrolment into teacher training institutions.

He said the requirement has always been applied since 2004 following research by the University of Zimbabwe on the revision of the curriculum.

The minister was responding to a report in the Southern Eye on Thursday where he was quoted saying Mathematics was no longer a requirement.

“There was a high failure rate at Grade 7 as a result of teachers who did not have Mathematics,” he said.

“Mathematics is essential for student teachers as they need statistics and Mathematics for curriculum depth study.”

He added that the Higher Education ministry was working with its sister Primary and Secondary Education ministry to strengthen science at primary level so as to teach natural science with the view to introduce a Bachelor of Education in Primary Science.

“Mathematics is not difficult. If anything it is like any other subject. Nonetheless my ministry is demystifying that phenomenon by offering bridging courses for Mathematics to prospective teachers,” he said.

“It must be noted that prospective teachers must pass the Mathematics course before commencing teacher training.”

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