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Ndolwane star goes solo


A young Ndolwane super sounds artist, Ozias Ngwenya, has after a long struggle managed to expose his talent after recording his first compact disk titled Ukubambana.


Ngwenya started off his journey in 2007 after he was inspired by the likes of Chase S’kuza and other Ndolwane artistes but his aim has always been to be better than them.

“I wanted to do music, but I could not start early because I faced so many challenges financially. The moment I saw other artistes holding on I was encouraged in a way,” Ngwenya said.

He told the Southern Eye that his music aims to reunite Zimbabweans and focus on building the nation as one.

“My music is about peace building in our country and encouraging all tribes that we are one,” he said.

His appeal to people is that they support and motivate him in his production of music so that he might be able to preach unity through his songs.

“I desire that people may help me by supporting my music because it’s a way of bringing bread to my family’s table and be able to sustain myself in the industry” he added.

He has been facing a lot of challenges since the beginning of his music career when most people claimed to be helping him yet stealing his ideas.

“I used to work with a certain studio in town that ended up stealing the only money that I had, claiming my first recording had problems but to do another they wanted more money,” Ngwenya said.

“Since that time, I have not been able to progress in music. If only I could get people’s support in my music, then I might be able to deliver back to the public”.

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