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CoFFashion Pop Up an eye opener


THE CoFFashion Pop Up event which was held at the National Art gallery in Bulawayo last Saturday was an eye opener to designers as they got a chance to showcase their products and talent to the outside world.


The CoFFashion Pop Up was part of Intwasa Arts Festival and it was a way of promoting local designers and a flea market for the people to see and shop around homemade products.

The show which started at 9 am, opened up with a low turnout of people. The exhibits included clothing, jewellery, shoes, pottery and curios.

Speaking to the Southern Eye Lifestyle, the project co—ordinator of Hunnar Management Agency, Gilmore Tee Moyo, said the idea was to give room to some designers who did not have outlets to sell their products.

“First this is a zero budget show and it’s for the third time the function has been running and its purpose is to give some designers a platform to showcase their products. We managed to get partners from Coca-Cola and Edgars Stores,” he said.

“I am happy Bulawayo has started to appreciate what these people are doing. As you can see, we managed to open up the gate so we could allow everyone to come and see what was on show. This also gives room for designers to chat and share views with people they mingle with”.

Moyo encouraged other designers to come and showcase their works as they could get a chance to meet different people who could share and advise them on how to finish and package their products.

Moyo said Bulawayo was a culture and arts hub for Zimbabwe and encouraged some upcoming designers not to give up as they would make it to the top one day.

Meanwhile, Fisani Nkomo who is also a co—ordinator, said he was happy the show ran well though the turnout was very low.

“The biggest challenge we face is that we wait for people to pay first then we sell. In most cases some wait to see who would be there so that they could decide whether to buy or not. We showcase anything that is creative that people have done,” he said.

One designer, Grant Moyo, who showcased button necklaces, button bracelets and earings said he was happy that people liked his products .

“As you can see most people have fallen in love with my work and it motivates me. My products are so cheap and they start from $1 going up,” he said.

Mandisa Magonya a jewellery designer from Beadazzled, said the show started with a very low turnout and in the afternoon it was better as a few people started to flock in and see their products.

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