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Grace lambasts Byo women


First Lady Grace Mugabe says she is patient and loving, but dare disrespect and you will see her true colours.


Some hungry, tired and sun burnt women in Bulawayo learnt this the hard way after they stood up to walk out during her rally at Amazulu Club yesterday.

The women had started walking out from the rally as Grace spoke.

Some say they wanted to be first in line to receive Grace’s donations, but the First Lady would have none of it.

“Do I look like a fool when you look at me, I am not a fool,” she thundered.

“Why do they stand when I am speaking, you are disorganised Bulawayo people. Why are the women getting out? Where are they going?

“It shows disrespect. Where are you going, you just want to receive my goodies, but you do not want to listen to what I am saying.”

As she raged on, sections of the crowd cheered her and this just seemed to spur her on and ignite her fury.

“It’s unfair, come back and sit down. It’s gamatox spirit. I do not lead fools, you think I am a fool?

“If you stand up when Amai is speaking, you are showing that what I am saying does not make sense. I love you women.”

While the majority were listening to Grace, the Red Cross had its hands full, as they had to attend to a number of people, who fainted in the 33oC October heat.

“Unfortunately, I have no statistics,” said one Red Cross official.

Grace was in Bulawayo on her nationwide meet the people rallies, where like everywhere else, she ranted against factionalism.
Whenever she railed against factionalism, Zanu PF youths will say gamatox.

Some youths even had T-shirts inscribed Phansi leGamatox in apparent reference to a Zanu PF faction in a bitter succession battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

Others carried Mazoe Orange Crush bottles and wore T-shirts written “Feel Mazoe Crush”.

Grace received an endorsement to lead the women’s league in Mazowe, with her mandate being to crush factionalism.

The reference to Mazoe Crush could be a witticism, referring to the popular crush and Grace’s role as crushing factionalism.

“Down with gamatox,” the youths said urging top party officials to also say the same slogan during their introductions.

Interestingly, while they would go wild whenever the word gamatox was mentioned, the message seemed not to resonate with the general public.

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