First Mutual confident impasse will end


FIRST Mutual Health (FMH) is in negotiations with the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe (AHFoZ), and various medical associations to establish tariffs which are suitable for all stakeholders.


This development follows government’s move to increase in medical aids tariffs.

In a statement, FMH general manager Stanford Sisya said the organisation had been engaging various medical associations to establish agreed tariffs, but had not yet yielded results.

“First Mutual Health has, through the Association of Healthcare Funders of Zimbabwe, been negotiating with various medical associations to establish agreed tariffs which are sustainable for all stakeholders” he said.

“Regrettably, these negotiations have not yielded anything to date, but they are ongoing and we are positive that we will find a win-win solution for all parties concerned. The gazetted tariffs are not sustainable and this has been communicated to the regulator to whom we submit financial statements every six months.”

He said the prevailing liquidity challenges militated against passing any increase in contributions to already burdened members.

He, however, said AHFoZ tariffs for GPs and private hospitals were increased with effect from October 1 2014 by 25% and 2,5%, respectively.

“While the tariffs fall short of the expected 75% for GPs and 5% for hospitals, the interim review is sustainable given the current level of contribution rates,” Sisya said.

He added that FMH remained committed to going beyond in serving both clients, service providers and engaging with all relevant stakeholders in order to reach mutual agreement and find a sustainable solution to the challenges affecting the health care industry.

The government has increased consultation fees for GPs by 100%. The initial consultation at a GP’s room is now $35 up from $20, while subsequent consultation at the rooms for the same illness will be $30 from $15. “

Subsequent consultation at hospital or nursing home per day is now $40 from $20. Doctor’s consultations have gone up to $60 for weekend visits and $70 for nights visits.

Expecting mothers will pay $35 for the initial antenatal visit while subsequent and post-natal visit will cost $30.

A visit to a physician pediatrician will cost $120 up from $100, while subsequent consultation in rooms for the same illness is now $70 from $80 and also an initial visit at a surgeon is now pegged $80.


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