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Delta speaks on Ndebele boob


DELTA BEVERAGES yesterday said the incidence of misspelt names on some of its products were due to editing errors and was not limited to any particular language.


This followed a public outcry that Delta was contemptuous of its customers’ names, particularly the Ndebele ones, leading to spelling errors.

Some of the products were written Sokuluthe and Khetiwe, instead of Sukoluhle and Khethiwe, respectively.

“The Share a Coke campaign is meant to build friendships and create excitement among our consumers,” Delta company secretary Alex Makamure said.

“The incidences of misspelt names you have highlighted are occasioned by editing errors and are not limited to any particular language.

“We will take greater care in managing these finer details.”

The firm launched its Share a Coke promotion recently and in the promotion Coca-Cola products are inscribed with popular names, with most of them written in either Shona or Ndebele.

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