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Time to rein in her majesty


LATELY Dr Comrade Amai has been in callous mode as she levelled serious allegations against Vice-President Joice Mujuru.

There is an urge to dismiss the allegations as spurious on the grounds that they were manufactured out of malice by the First Lady after she suddenly discovered a compelling desire for political office.

The political landscape has responded by acknowledging that whether Dr Comrade Amai is loved or loathed, she has earned full membership to the club.

There is a lot of caution in the wind as Grace’s ascendance in politics comes with a lot of political smoke. In politics there is no political smoke without a smouldering political pyre.

The educated First Lady alleged that Mujuru was being used by the British as part of their sinister agenda to effect regime change in Zimbabwe.

In her extreme learnedness, the First Lady also intimated that Mujuru has been busy extorting equity in white-owned businesses partly to satisfy her huge appetite for personal wealth and partly to ensure that her faction has enough financial ammunition to execute running battles in an internecine war.

Grace’s position as President Robert Mugabe’s bedroom partner renders a degree of credibility to her allegations. She is undeniably the closest human being to the president’s heart than any other.

Dr Comrade Amai’s intimate relationship with the ultimate recipient and custodian of all State secrets makes her privy to most State secrets. She has unfettered access to all intelligence dossiers that are handled by the president.

There is no denying that the well-taught doctor is perfectly positioned to sweet-talk the president into entrusting her with all the secrets of the State.

Grace can compel the president to whisper all the State secrets in her ears just like the biblical Delilah unlocked the secrets on Samson’s strength during a love embrace. In Judges 16:15, Delilah said to Samson: “How can you say, ‘I love you,’ when you won’t confide in me?” Samson relented to Delilah’s demands and disclosed his secret.

Now Grace is reaping personal dividends from the sensitive information she has been gathering since she became a resident in Mugabe’s heart.

What is bothering most opinionated people is that Grace seems unstoppable like a runaway train. Mugabe is not showing any leadership to stop this rot, but he is so cold and missing in action. A leader with clout and political acumen should by now have demanded for sanity within his organisation.

If he was a good leader, by now he should have either confirmed that Zanu PF has fallen foul to the scheming ways of the British via Mujuru’s septic political wounds or forthright refuted the allegations against his deputy.

Mugabe should be telling the nation that Mujuru will have to pay the ultimate political price should the accusations be proven as true.

After all, engaging in treasonous activities against the State and undermining the authority of the party and that of the president is a felony held with utmost disgust and indignation.

In short, Dr Comrade Amai has set in motion the wheels of Mujuru’s taxi to political doom.

If indeed Mujuru has become a mole who is doing duty for the imperialist, then Mugabe should not be using his wife as a provocateur. He should be bold enough to confront Mujuru with the damning evidence.

Once presented with the evidence, Mujuru can choose to either defend herself or accept her political miscalculation by taking a dose of hemlock.

Mugabe should be reprimanding Dr Comrade Amai for using privileged State secrets gained by virtue of her marriage to the president for her personal ambitions.

On the other hand, if Dr Comrade Amai is just being a nuisance by barking obscenities at her perceived rivals, Mugabe should exercise leadership and intervene.

A strong leader should not let anyone rip the party and country apart through reckless pronouncements, not even his wife. A good leader and husband will ship the garrulous wife to stern aunties for a long lecture on respect.

But then we are talking about an elderly Mugabe here. He has lost his will to say anything that may upset his young wife.

He is an old man who is so besotted that he sees no wrong in what Dr Comrade Amai does. He is happy that at least there is someone in his family who has decided to take charge of things while he drifts into a slumber of political obscurity.

Now Dr Comrade Amai is almost on the throne despite being minimally schooled in diplomacy as seen from her reckless waffling on what could be sensitive state secrets. Grace is one careless person who can carelessly disclose the many secrets that Zanu-PF would not want publicised.

Wait until she starts singing about the Gukurahundi! The time to rein in the runaway queen is nigh.

Masola waDabudabu is a social commentator

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