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Community unites to stop wild fires


WARD 30 in Kwekwe district has come up with strategies to fight veld fires by involving the family unit as a united front, the ward’s councillor has said.

Stephen Chadenga

Ward 30 councillor Elisha Gwatidzo told the Southern Eye on the sidelines of a recent environmental media tour in the district that people from his area had involved the family unit to fight wild fires.veld-fire

Gwatidzo said as result of the strategy, there have been reduced fire incidences because of a “united quick response to wild infernos”.

“Everyone, including the father, mother and children, has been roped into our fire-fighting strategies,” he said.

“As a result, we have witnessed reduced fire incidences in our ward.”

He said the few fire incidences were mainly due to wood poachers and illegal miners, adding that people in his area were on high alert to avert veld fires.

Gwatidzo said they had come up with a vibrant fire-fighting team that had constructed five fireguards to prevent the spread of wild infernos.

According to the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), 88 883 hectares of land has to date been destroyed by veld fires.

Veld fires in Zimbabwe have witnessed the destruction of property worth thousands of dollars every year and in worst cases people have been burnt to death.

According to EMA, a woman and two children from Chirumanzu died as a result of veld fires, while property worth $11 000 was burnt by another wild inferno.

A farm house was also burnt down in Lalapanzi destroying four tonnes of maize as well as nearby huts.

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