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Bulawayo water situation safe


BULAWAYO’s five supply water dams hold a combined 270 614 896 cubic metres, representing 66% capacity, with indications that average daily consumption stood at 122 649 cubic metres.

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Earlier this year, the council suspended water-shedding following significant inflows into the city’s supply dams after heavy rains hit the southern region of the country, but the authority warned residents to use the resource sparingly.

According to a latest weekly water update, although the supply dams have 270 614 896 cubic metres, only 254 029 788 cubic metres were usable.

The dams have a potential capacity of 414 627 700 cubic metres.

As of Friday, Mtshabezi Dam had 48 818 845 cubic metres and is 93,88% full, while Insiza Mayfair had 151 967 221 cubic metres translating to 87,59%.

Lower Ncema had 14 699 500 cubic metres (80,60%), Umzingwane 18 503 900 cubic metres (41,43%), while Inyankuni and Upper Ncema where 28,17% and 30,52% full, respectively.

The report said last week overall consumption was 122 649 cubic metres and the average input volume being 123 323 cubic metres.
On Monday 112,513 cubic meters was used.

Bulawayo’s average daily water consumption is about 122 000 cubic metres.

Yesterday the city received light showers, a day after various church leaders were called on to pray for the success of the city, including rains.

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