Police ‘moles’ warned

“They should approach the finance department if they have any problems with the allowances and not approach the media,” Police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba

NATIONAL police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba has threatened to smoke out moles who leaked internal and confidential information to the media.


In a confidential memo dated October 23 this year, which was also ironically leaked yesterday, Charamba warned police officers against leaking information to the press.

“This office is concerned with police officers who are communicating and giving information on police activities to the media,” part of the internal memo marked RDO CC106/14 reads.

“This includes radio signals and circulars which are being extensively quoted in the print and electronic media.”

Charamba said the effect of the unauthorised leaking of documents was affecting the image of the police force.

“These so-called ‘impeccable police sources’, ‘senior officers’, ‘police details who spoke on condition they are not named’ are strongly warned, as disciplinary action will be taken.

“Investigations have been instituted to identify and account for the so called ‘police sources’, commanders are urged to monitor members.”

Charamba said the culprits would be charged for violating sections of the ZRP standing orders volume one part 2 (26,6) which reads: “No member shall communicate, without authority directly or indirectly to any member of press or public any matter or thing relating to the force where such communication is likely to be prejudicial to the administration, discipline or efficiency of the force”.

However, police sources who spoke on condition they are not named accused Charamba of seeking to conduct an illegal witch hunt to silence whistleblowers, who were exposing their bosses’ corrupt activities.

“These guys are embarrassed that they are being exposed, especially when their corrupt memos, which are used to steal money from officers, are exposed in the press,” the source said.

“Some of their radios are even illegal and once they are exposed they are embarrassed.”