‘Love-struck’ woman steals $8k from grandfather

AN Entumbane woman in Bulawayo has appeared in court for stealing $8 000 and R3 000 from her grandfather to give to her umalayistha (cross border transporter) boyfriend who promised to marry her.


Sakhile Ndlovu (18) pleaded guilty to theft when she appeared before Western Commonage provincial magistrate Willard Mafios Moyo, who remanded her in custody to today for sentencing.

In mitigation, Ndlovu apologised to her grandfather, Andrea Banda, for allowing her lover to fool her.

“I was not supposed to listen to my boyfriend,” she said.

“He fooled me and promised to marry me when his business bloomed. He promised me heaven on earth and urged me to steal my grandfather’s money and give him to start a business,” said Ndlovu.

Prosecutor Mufaro Mageza told the court that the woman was in love with a cross border transporter, who told her about a business proposal he wanted to pursue, but lacked capital.

Ndlovu informed him that her grandfather kept some money in a safe at home.

He persuaded her to steal the money and give it to him so that he could start a business and promised her a blissful marriage.

“I gave him the money and he went back to South Africa, but he did not call me from then,” she said.

The old man is said to have collapsed after noticing that his savings had been stolen and that his granddaughter had disappeared.

“I wept like a child although it was too late since she had already disappeared from the house,” the grandfather told the court

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