Fire destroys Beitbridge border warehouse

A FIRE broke out at B2B warehouse destroying impounded goods worth thousands of dollars at the Beitbridge border yesterday.


The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault. Firefighters were last night battling to douse it.

According to reports yesterday, thousands of travellers were stranded as immigration officials deserted their offices for safety.

The fire, which started around 6pm and was still raging out of control at about 8pm.

Sources last night said there were no water hydrants at the border.

“The Civil Protection Unit is ill equipped to deal with fire as hydrants at the border don’t have running water,” a source said.

Reports say South Africa refused to assist claiming they were forced to pay toll fees the last time they came to put out a fire at Beitbridge.

South African firefighters, however, finally arrived later to help put out the fire.

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